Pricing that makes travel possible

We believe travel is for everyone. When students go beyond the classroom it brings education to life, unlocks new potential, and opens a world of possibility. We strive to make that experience available to anyone by making tours affordable and approachable, and ensuring families feel confident in their investment. The first step is our dedication to providing the lowest price on the market. Then we make sure payment options are practical, flexible, and easy to understand.

Oh, and if you find a lower price somewhere else, make sure to tell us about it.

group maximizing low EF prices on affordable world tour 

Providing maximum value

At EF, we do student travel better than anyone else. Our secret sauce is a time-tested blend of product innovation, global expertise, and superhuman support. We take the hassle out of traveling by booking everything directly and handling pretty much whatever else you can think of, too. All this stuff? The program fee covers it.



Putting tours within reach

Our affordable tour prices provide a great start, but we understand that families want to take a smart approach to payments. To make the cost more manageable, we offer a variety of tools and resources to make travel possible for students. Choose one or choose them all. Every option below is available to all our travelers.

Tools to make tours happen

There’s flexibility to pay at your own pace

Enroll in EF’s Automatic Payment Plan

Sending a student on tour opens up plenty of questions about cost. We get it. Our recommended plan offers the ability to break the tour fee into smaller installments and the flexibility to do it in the way that makes the most sense for you. With most tours planned well in advance, you can enroll for only $95 then pay over a long period of time, often up to 18 months or two years. Monthly or bi-weekly payments and even the day of the week are all in your control.

An easy way for family and friends to chip in

Fundraise with no-fee donation pages

Everyone could use a helping hand. Or, better yet, hands. That’s why every traveler has their own unique donation page. It’s easy to share and customizable, so friends and family can securely contribute a little something that is automatically applied towards your balance.

Anyone should have the chance to travel

Apply for the Global Citizen Scholarship

Our Global Citizen Scholarship gives out $100,000 to students across the country every year and is both needs- and merit-based. Any student is able to apply in order to help make their dream of traveling a reality. All it takes is a quick online application and a short video about how traveling will change the student’s place in the world.

High school student, June 2019 Japan trip

Everything that’s included

With over 55 years of student travel, we’ve thought of everything. There’s been plenty of time to consider all the possibilities. Almost everything you can think of is included, from getting there and getting around to sleeping and seeing the sights that got students excited in the first place.
  • Airfare & transportation

  • Hotels

  • Regional-style meals

  • Guided sightseeing and entrances

  • Full-time Tour Director

  • Expert local guides

  • Personalized support from your EF Travel Team

  • 24-hour emergency service

  • Worldwide presence

  • Traveler support and resources

Teachers, let’s talk

Taking students on tour is a big deal, so we know you do a ton of research before choosing a travel partner. We work hard to provide an incredible experience while keeping our prices low. But if you come across a lower price on a similar trip elsewhere, let us know. We want to talk to you about it and see what we can do.